Oct. 21, 2020

ZooFit with PJ Beaven ~ Get Fit to Live With Purpose

ZooFit with PJ Beaven ~ Get Fit to Live With Purpose

Zookeeper PJ Beaven shares her journey to greater strength, endurance, and energy.

PJ shares: "I had a dream job working with some of the most incredible animals on the planet (dolphins, penguins, elephants, and more), but I was miserable-- I was tired all the time, overweight, weak, moody, and suffered from chronic pain. When I realized I couldn't take care of the animals unless I started taking care of myself, I changed my life and my impact on the world.  By implementing my own philosophies of ZooFit, I lost 50 pounds and gained a whole new life-- full of energy, love, and hope. I became a better zookeeper, and even a better conservationist. I wasn't just talking the talk, I was a radiant exemplar, walking the walk of healthy actions for myself and for the planet. And when others noticed, I was able to help change their lives for the better with my practices as well."  

PJ has created a fitness program unlike any other. Drawing upon her fifteen years experience as a zookeeper, she makes fitness empowering, engaging, and impactful by using the principles of positive reinforcement, enrichment, and conservation. Animals have been her greatest coaches, teaching her how to take better care of the planet by taking care of herself.  


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Contact PJ for access to her exclusive fitness challenge. Get all the tools and support you need to eat well and live strong: pjbeaven@earthconservant.com  

Learn more at ZooFit.net

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