From Addict to Author: Becoming a Woman of Principle

Transform your life from the inside out!

MK Morales went from being an addict to an author of the book, Becoming Woman of Principle: Transforming Your Mind, Living Courageously and Rising to Your Call. She now coaches others on how to transform their lives by changing the way they think and and answering the call for who they are meant to be.

About MK

I am Mary Katherine (MK). I am a non-profit executive, author, speaker, and certified coach/trainer.

More importantly, I am a woman of God, a devoted wife and mother, and Woman of Principle who knows the power of transforming your life. For 15 years, I’ve been equipping and empowering women – just like you – to embrace their journey of becoming all God is calling them to be!

However, my life wasn’t always so inspiring.

When I was 14 and I heard a whisper in my spirit tell me that I would write a book, I had no idea it would be a book based on my mistakes and the journey through fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

I heard the call a second time in my late twenties while suffering as a heartbroken addict. I was shouting to God for help and the Spirit of Love almost audibly stated, “You will recover, and you will write a book about your journey through hell to home.”

“Yeah, right,” was my response.

I swore I would never tell anyone about the degree to which I failed – repeatedly.

But today, I have dedicated my life to empowering rising women of faith to explore their full potential and become the leader God is calling them to be. 

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Book: Becoming Woman of Principle: Transforming Your Mind, Living Courageously and Rising to Your Call details five key practices that lead to living a life of freedom and joy.
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